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Livestock farmers faced with fields damaged by hooves (pugged), have a very small window of opportunity to flatten pugged areas with conventional trailed rollers while the ground is drying out. If the ground is too wet the tractor wheels are likely to do more damage than the roller can fix. Conversely, if it is dry enough for the tractor wheels not to damage the pasture, the roller will be ineffective.

The Rotacon roller is designed for 70-150 horse power front wheel assist tractors and linkage mounted by means of a hydraulic top link and a leaf spring connected by chain to the draw bar. The operator can transfer as much weight from the tractor to the close coupled roller as is required to achieve optimum results. The high weight loading achieved on a small roller diameter results in high pressure between roller and pasture surface.

Most tractors are capable of lifting the rear wheels off the ground if needed.

Uses: livestock, cropping, road building, construction, sports grounds.

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